Home renovations are in full flow this year. The hottest home design concepts for 2023 can help you update your living quarters and stay trendy. Explore an exclusive top 7 home renovation trends this year, and get inspired.

Your home office

Addition of a home office It is not surprising that the new culture of working from home is altering how we live. Kids are screaming during video conference sessions, causing quite a few popular films on the internet, while sweat seeps into private lives. Setting boundaries between work and home needs both physical and mental restraints. Some Australian’s solve the problem by converting the basement or guest room into a separate office. On the other hand, people with fewer living spaces are relocating their job to a specific area of the house. Considering this, furniture and office supply sales are also sharply increasing. Customers purchase new technology or replace outdated ones because most of the work is now done on laptops and computers. Additionally, adjustable-height office desks and ergonomic seats that support the back during lengthy workdays are becoming more popular. At AAA Handyman Sydney, we can help create that dream office space you truly deserve. With over 10 years of experience with homeware, office renovation experience, you will be in safe hands for us to setup your modern office space.

The perfect bathroom renovation

More people than ever before are realising the importance of alone time. The restroom has always been a location where most of us could go to get their daily dosage of solitude and quiet, among other things. Then, is it really a surprise that bathroom renovations are popular this year? The number of luxurious restrooms is increasing, from plush toilet seats and steam showers to extravagant extras like wine coolers in the bathroom. At AAA Handyman, our bathroom renovation solutions cater for all living spaces, as we specialise in designing modern and aesthetic bespoke bathrooms. Our team have designed, renovated, and built from scratch a diverse type of bathrooms for Sydney residents, including ensuite, custom and master room bathrooms. You can learn more about our bathroom renovation service today, expanding from greater Sydney to Campbelltown.

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Establishing an entertainment area

Most of us also miss entertainment and social events much more than going to work and our precious alone time. For some people, this can be a straightforward cup of coffee at their local café, while for others, it might be a pint of beer with friends at their neighbourhood pub. In either case, a lot of people have taken to re-creating their preferred leisure spaces in their living rooms or garages. Decorating the place is a tonne of fun and gives guests the impression of
normalcy. Just picture setting up a home theatre with a bowl of steaming popcorn from the microwave and that cosy ergonomic chair from the study. You only need to dim the lights. Outdoor Living Spaces With more people staying at home than ever before, outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular. Homeowners are looking for ways to create outdoor spaces that are both functional and beautiful. Some popular trends include outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and water features. Start reinventing your personal entertainment lounge, and call our handyman experts for a free estimate today.


Renovating to get that modern kitchen you truly deserve

A key starting point is to imagine your preferred style of kitchen which matches your current residence. In addition to a kitchen that has great synergy with your home, it needs to reflect your identity and blend into your living space. Luckily there are endless designs AAA Handyman Sydney has helped renovate, from modern and contemporary kitchens to
minimalistic kitchens. Our kitchen renovation team have also developed Australian coastal or countryside style kitchens, in addition to larger commercial kitchens. Explore our kitchen renovation page and get in touch for some inspiration.

 Technology for smart homes

Although smart home technology has been around for some time, only recently has it become more readily available and inexpensive to homeowners. With the help of smart home technology, you can use your smartphone
or tablet to manage anything from your lights to your thermostat. Even better, you may programme your home security system to notify you if there is any unexpected activity taking place nearby.

Sustainable resources

For homeowners who want to live more environmentally friendly lives and lower their carbon footprint, sustainability is becoming more and more important. As more individuals explore for methods to make their houses more environmentally friendly, sustainable materials like bamboo flooring and recycled glass worktops are gaining popularity.

Bold Patterns and colours

This year, vibrant hues and patterns are returning to the world of interior design. Homeowners are seeking for ways to inject some personality into their living spaces, from bold geometric designs on throw pillows and drapes to bright red accent walls.