A common question our team encounters frequently from homeowners across greater Sydney and Campbelltown is whether their bathroom or bathrooms actually needs to be renovated or just require basic handyman work. The answer our AAA Handyman Sydney team will confidently advise residents will be is let our team of professional handymen inspect your home and bathroom (for free), provide you with a comprehensive list of risks and opportunities to optimise your bathroom and then advise you on the best solution. Our team in other words will make it as easy as possible for you to make a straightforward decision on whether a full bathroom renovation is needed, or whether basic handyman work is required.

Depending on your individual needs, there are a variety of reasons why outdated bathrooms need to be remodeled. The following are 5 reasons from our Toolbox as to why renovating your bathroom should be a strong consideration:

Resolving any current issues:

In older bathrooms, there may be water leaks, crumbling floors, mold problems, or cracked tiles, all of which can be dangerous to one’s health. By replacing worn-out fixtures, pipes, and tiles with new ones during bathroom renovations, you may stay clear of these issues.

Expanding your storage capacity:

Your towels, toiletries, and other items may not have enough storage space in older bathrooms. To keep your bathroom neat and organized, remodelling might help you install more cabinets, shelving, or drawers. Our team has worked across Campbelltown and western Sydney for years and we identify that you can increase storage capacity significantly with a newly designed bathroom.

Increasing your use of energy:

It’s possible for outdated or ineffective bathroom fixtures to waste water and electricity. Installing low-flow toilets and shower heads, LED lights, and energy-saving appliances can help you save money and lessen your environmental impact while remodelling your bathroom.

Improving your comfort and fashion:

The style of an old bathroom might not be to your taste or fit your personality. You may create a more stylish and appealing area that represents your tastes and style by renovating your bathroom. A heated floor, a heated bathtub, or a smart mirror are a few more elements you may add to enhance your comfort and enjoyment. This is so crucial as in the past few years more of us are spending more time in our homes. So having that bathroom you feel suits your home perfectly but also looks out of this world is so valuable.

Increasing your home’s value:

The aesthetics and modern appeal of your home is heavily influenced by the look and feel of a functional bathroom. Specific renovation designs by AAA Handyman Sydney from custom to master to ensuite can all be designed bespoke to your home’s needs.

Contact our team today to get a free estimate on your bathroom, and we will provide you with personalised guidance and solutions to take your home to the next level and help transform your bathroom into a modern masterpiece.