Creating a Spa-Like Experience at Home

Rushing to get to work or giving the kids a last-minute bath can all lead to you falling out of love with your bathroom space. But when everybody is asleep, or on those long sunny Sundays, a little spa-like relaxation is just a few minor renovations away. Let’s check out how to bring the spa to your bathroom today!

Time to Go Green

Indulge your senses as you soak in a relaxing rainforest right in your own bathroom. Adding a little greenery to your space can give it the feeling of a high-end spa rather than your cosy piece of Sydney city life!


Choose plants like a string of pearls or eucalyptus to give a few different textural and structural effects for maximum visual appeal.

Rainfall Showers

A rainfall shower head is the ultimate luxury when it comes to your shower. At AAA Handyman, we find so many homeowners on the fence about installing one during their home renovations, but once they take the plunge, they won’t look back!

Indulge Your Senses

We have five senses, and the most experienced home renovation companies will know how vital it is to engage all of them. Visual appeal is always at the forefront of home renovations in Sydney, but what about the scents, textures, sounds and occasional tastes of your bathroom?

  • Touch: Luxurious towels, plush bath mats and sleek tiles can provide textural appeal underfoot for your guests.
  • Smell: Opt for reed diffusers in pretty containers to really grasp the spa aesthetic. Large, statement candles can also make a nice touch!
  • Taste: A small, glass container of mints in a guest bathroom is a nice touch to fully commit to the spa vibes of your space.
  • Sounds: Waterproof speakers for tranquil bathtimes are a fantastic way to engage all your senses. A selection of royalty-free tracks that feature in popular spas are even available on popular streaming services.

Soft Lighting

Avoid bright, direct lighting and choose soft, side lighting instead. Consider using functional lighting in areas over the sink and choose interesting fixtures and fittings to catch the eye where you do use lights.

Natural Materials

Many spas use an abundance of natural materials like wood, cotton and even decorative grasses. Follow suit and accessorise your bathroom with plush cotton towels or a selection of wooded accents on the wall.

Use Artwork

Don’t be afraid to grab one or two statement pieces for your bathroom. Pick out accent colours or choose a watery theme to capture the essence of relaxation within your home.

AAA Handyman

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Why wait? Book your home renovation with AAA Handyman today and achieve the home of your dreams, or just make your bathroom a little more spa-like!