Budget-Friendly Bathroom Updates

Changing seasons, new requirements for your bathroom, or just feeling a little bored with your room. Whatever the reason, bathroom updates no longer have to break the bank! From peel-and-stick tiles to a lick of paint, let’s look at ways to breathe new life into your bathroom while sticking to a smaller budget!

Change the Colour Scheme

The simplest, quickest and cheapest way to freshen up your Sydney bathroom is by switching your colour scheme to something new.

  • A fresh coat of paint: This simple change can be a breath of fresh air in any space, but for a bathroom, it’s a game-changer. It has the power to elevate your suite and completely transform the mood, leaving you excited about the potential change.
  • Accessorise: Swap bath mats, towels, and any other coloured accessories for a new shade, which is a simple way to change your bathroom without breaking the bank!
  • Lighting: Warm or cool lighting can be a game changer when it comes to home renovations. Swapping your light bulb for one that produces a different temperature of light can completely transform your bathroom on the cheap!

A New Toilet Seat or Tap

If you don’t have the spare cash to flaunt a whole new bath suite, then just make a couple of small changes to the one you already have! Here at AAA Handyman, we have even painted suites to freshen them up without the added costs of changing the suite for a new one!


Swap taps for a different finish, grab a new loo seat or even paint the ones you’ve already got. Home renovations don’t need to be major construction projects to make a big difference.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors can totally change your space and make small spaces seem instantly voluminous. Putting up a new mirror or even changing the angle of one you already own can be the new look for your space that takes less than 60 minutes to complete!


If you’ve not got the guts to tackle peel-and-stick alone, we don’t mind helping you! Once you’ve got those first tiles stuck down, the rest will fall into place in no time at all!


This is probably the biggest trend we’ve seen in bathroom renovations in Sydney due to how cheap, quick and easy it is for anybody to complete. From tiling a complete shower to adding a neat new row above your sink, peel-and-stick tiles are quickly becoming the new hero of home renovations!

Inspiration Strikes Now

If you just feel like you’re falling out of love with your space but have no idea where to start, then why not visit our gallery or blog? Sometimes inspiration strikes once you’ve seen a few different options for yourself!


Whatever budget makeover you decide on, we will be with you every step of the way! From complete bathroom refits to a quick helping hand with peel-and-stick tiles, AAA Handyman will tackle your job with years of experience and all the tricks of the trade!


Contact us today for a quote, and we can discuss how we can turn your bathroom around on a budget. What’s stopping you? Call us now for your consultation today!